Domains by Proxy: Why would anyone used this service?

confuse|cpanel website hostingQuestion:

“This is what I got when I do a WHOIS search for this one company. Their WHOIS Lookup turned this up:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 23-Aug-08
Expires on: 23-Aug-09
Last Updated on: 23-Aug-08

Do you think they are legit?”

genius|cpanel website hostingAnswer:
What is Domains by Proxy?

Domains by Proxy is an Internet company owned by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons. It offers domain privacy services through partner domain registrars such as Godaddy and Wild West Domains.
Subscribers list Domains by Proxy as their administrative and technical contacts in the Internet’s WHOIS database, thereby delegating responsibility for managing unsolicited contacts from third parties and keeping the domains owners personal information safe from the public eye.
Domains by Proxy does not offer true anonymity. In most countries they are legally obliged to collect personal information from domain owners. They also require little persuasion to release domain owners’ contact information, in some cases requiring only a phone request, certified letter to the domain owner, or a cease and desist letter.

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  1. Alan T

    jury is out on this one. It almost looks too good to be true and they ask for all your personal stuff, name, address, phone, ssn, and wait until you’re "approved" before asking for your bank account numbers. your discovery bothers me because there is no one to go after should this fall apart. That address and phone # is go daddy not UTR Service.

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